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Tufflex Plastic Products

Tufflex Plastic Products is situated in Germiston on the outskirts of Johannesburg. The main business is the recycling of plastic waste. In addition to normal recycling the company also manufactures a range of plastic timber which is used as a cost-effective alternative to wood in a variety of applications including furniture, pallets, fencing, dog kennels, dustbins and walkway decking.

Tufflex processes both post-industrial and post-consumer polyolefin plastic waste, the latter being washed in a state-of-the-art German wash-plant before being converted into pellets for supply back into the converting industry. Visitors will experience the entire process from raw material sorting to shredding, granulation, washing, extrusion and to bagging prior to final quality control and then despatch.


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Waste poses a major challenge to society that has no easy solution. But it is a challenge that can be solved with innovative thinking. You care about the health of our planet. We share this commitment and believe in working with you to solve waste challenges in a responsible way. Together we can contribute to bringing about a zero-waste future and a better world.

The global waste challenge
“Improving solid waste management,” a World Bank representative said, “Is becoming a more and more urgent issue.”* Economic and population growth, along with rising urbanisation and increasing consumer purchasing power, is creating ever-greater amounts of refuse. Disposing of it safely and responsibly is a global challenge. Emerging countries often lack the infrastructure to do so, and a large amount of waste is landfilled or often just dumped. In developed nations, landfilling and incineration are likewise no longer considered viable, long-term solutions. Both have distinct drawbacks and consume rather than conserve valuable resources. In response, multinational companies are increasingly adopting zero-landfill policies. With waste volumes on the rise in many parts of the world, waste disposal requires new ways of thinking. It demands smarter, more sustainable and economically feasible answers.

Turning waste to your advantage

Geocycle has grown into a network of companies recognised as a leading provider of industrial and municipal waste management services worldwide. We are motivated to serve both you and society at large. Our success stems from our responsiveness to your business needs as well as the needs of the environment. We partner with you to minimise and repurpose your waste. We help you convert it from an operational liability to proof of your efforts to act responsibly in all aspects of your business. You and your stakeholders contribute to a zero-waste future that offers a lasting benefit to society and ensures a brighter tomorrow.









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14 October 2018: Exhibition setup
15 October 2018 : Golf Day
  Opening Cocktail
16 - 18 October 2018 : Conference Days
15 - 18 October 2018 : Exhibition Days
19 October 2018 : Technical Tour



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